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Author: Hopeland RFID


Management process of cargo area based on RFID technology:

1. Use the fixed RFID reader to write the details of the items in the library (the label can not only write the various specifications and performance of the product but also indicate the specific shelf position of the goods to be easy to find and count.) Enter the background system.
2. During the handling operation, through the wireless RFID tags reader installed on the forklift, identify the shelf number to be placed for accurate storage.
3. Eliminating the need to manually fill in the inbound order, you can directly generate the inbound order on the APP, directly upload to the background through GPRS, or WiFi and the background data is consistent.

Use the wireless RFID card reader on the forklift to realize item inquiry, exit and storage:

1. Android's wireless card reader on the forklift can read the electronic tags on the shelves and articles from a distance (up to 10 meters);
2. Through the wireless card reader on the APP, can automatically query the precise location of the items to enter and exit the warehouse;
3. Eliminating the need for manual search, you can find the location of the items to be shipped out and stored in the distance, to avoid mis-entry.


        Using a fixed RFID reader and the sense of the ground to realize the management of the forklift and the inbound and outbound storage of goods. The long-range RFID reader installed at the exit recognizes the comparison between the label on the forklift and the pallet and the shipping data in the background. The sense of the goods to be shipped is automatically lifted and released, and the goods that are not to be sent will notify the administrator to inquire. Can manage drivers and vehicles (requires back-end software support).