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Twistable Chainflex® data cable CFROBOT3

Twistable Chainflex® data cable CFROBOT3

Vendor : Igus

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These cables provide a superior service life in harsh environments with outstanding resistance to most oils, solvents and coolants.

·         Part no. : CFROBOT3-02-06-02

·         Number of Conductors and AWG size: 6 PR 24 AWG (0.25)

·         Outer diameter max. [inch] : 0.45


·         For twistable applications CFTHERMO

·         Outer jacket: PUR

·         Overall shield

·         Oil resistance: Oil-resistant according to DIN EN 50363-10-2

·         Coolant resistant

·         Notch-resistant

·         Hydrolysis and microbe-resistant

·         Flame retardant

·         Silicone-free

·         UV-resistant

 General properties:

Number of cores and conductor nominal cross section [mm²]


Outer diameter max.

10.5 mm

Copper index

40 kg/km


102.0 kg/km

Stranding type

Twisted Pair

Dynamic information:

Min. bend radius, e-chain® (factor)

10.0 xd

Min. bend radius, e-chain®

105.0 mm

Min. bend radius, flexible (factor)

8.0 xd

Min. bend radius, flexible

84.0 mm

Min. bend radius, fixed (factor)

5.0 xd

Min. bend radius, fixed

52.5 mm

Temperature, e-chain® min.

-25 °C

Temperature, e-chain® max.

80 °C

Temperature, flexible

-40 °C to +80 °C (in line with EN 60811-504)

Temperature, fixed

-50 °C to +80 °C (in line with DIN EN 50305)

v max., twisted

180 °/m

a max. twisted

60 °/s²

Length of travel

Robots and motions in 3D area, Class 1


180 °/m







Chainflex® data cable CFROBOT3

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  • For extremely heavy duty applications with torsion movements
  • Almost unlimited resistance to oil
  • Indoor and outdoor applications, UV resistant
  • Especially for robots and 3D movements, handling, lead screw drives

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