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1280W-D AWWA Residential Water Meter

Vendor : Spire Metering Technology

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Ultrasonic Water Meter, Static Residential Water Meter OneDrop ultrasonic water meter is specially designed for domestic water metering applications where conventional water meters fail due to harsh environment, solids in water, high maintenance, magnetic vandalization or incapability of leak detection.

The OneDrop is a static water meter with no moving parts to wear or tear. It is completely maintenance-free. The sensor body has a straight-through design with no blockage in the measuring tube. This not only leads to very minimal pressure drop but also allows the meter to work with both pure water and water with some solids.

The OneDrop has adapted a robust design. The sensor body is made from NSF61-G low lead brass, not plastic. The whole meter is rated IP68 and is water-proof. Special packing technique protects the LCD from water condensation. This unique product can work reliably in a challenging environment such as the desert or meter pits that fill with water.

With its maximum 203 °F operating temperature and nominal pressure of 232 psi, the technical specifications meet the standard for residential meters for both cold water and hot water. The high measurement dynamic, better than Class D, allows a load of up to double the rating, thereby ensuring high operating security. In addition, the high sensitivity to low flow allows leak detection and the capability to count each drop.

Unlike mechanical water meters, the OneDrop water meter has outstanding long-term stability. The performance of the sensor does not degrade over time, thus, the overall system accuracy does not degrade over time. This compact meter fits in even the smallest installation conditions and can be mounted separately from the electronics console. The meter also has an option for remote read-out (Pulse, M-bus, encoder or RS485 output). The large display can be set to display flow velocity, flow total, working time, and other parameters.

The OneDrop ultrasonic water meter represents the trend of the modern water metering industry. Both commercial and residential installations can profit from the advantages of wear-free water measurement: precision, operating security and long service life.

Operating Principle:

A typical ultrasonic water meter consists of a sensor and an electronic console. The sensor has two ultrasonic transducers (A and B) built into its body. Each transducer functions as both the ultrasonic transmitter and receiver. The electronic console operates the two transducers by alternately transmitting and receiving a burst of sound energy and measuring the transit time that it takes for sound to travel between the two transducers. The difference in the transit time measured is directly and exactly related to the velocity of the water in the pipe. The flowrate is calculated from the measured velocity and the pipe inner diameter.

Features & Benefits

  • For domestic water consumption metering
  • Coldwater as well as water up to 60°C long term
  • No moving parts. Wear-free ultrasonic technology
  • Flow sensor made from NSF61-Annex G approved low lead brass
  • Patented sensor design
  • Robust, not impacted by water impurity. Meets the challenges of harsh environments
  • Excellent long-term stability. Accuracy does not degrade over time
  • No maintenance needed
  • No count on air
  • Leak detection
  • Not affected by magnetic interference
  • Low-pressure drop
  • Free positioning for mounting
  • Battery life of 10 years
  • IP 68 water-proof
  • Humidity resistance. No water condensation risk on the display



1280W-D AWWA Residential Water Meter

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  • Revenue metering
  • Residential submetering
  • Commercial buildings
  • Leakage detection
  • AMR and billing

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