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AKE Smart City and Urban Parking Guidance System

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Employing GPRS/WCDMA wireless technology, Urban Parking Guidance System gathers the whole city’s carpark information and displays real-time parking availability on dynamic guidance board at the urban arterial road.

Metropolitan scale PGS network largely releases parking pressure, effectively reduces street parking, actively encourages legal parking, greatly optimizes city traffic and remarkably improves carpark utilization. Urban Parking Guidance System will display real-time parking information along urban main roads, outside and within the carpark, indicating parking availability for drivers. Parking guidance signage will not only make parking easier-than-ever but also help motorists save money and time for arduous circling throughout the downtown or within the parking decks.

Indoor Parking

Ultrasonic parking guidance system provides a visual indication to the driver while searching for vacant parking spaces: ultrasonic sensor at each space monitors real-time occupancy and reports by changing the colour of individual lighted space indicator. A green light signifies that space is vacant while a red light indicates that space is filled or already occupied. At the meantime, availability information will be accordingly updated on decision point signs. No more work for the driver as to which parking level has available spaces for parking.

How does it Work?

1st Layer: Data Acquisition
An ultrasonic sensor at each space forms system foundation. It detects parking status and reports to system controller on R485 Bus.
2nd Layer: Deta Process&Transmission
System controller processes data acquired from the ultrasonic sensor, update real-time information to associated signage, reports to upper layer on CAN Bus.
3rd Layer: Data Analysis
Host management software analyzes data and generates statistic reports. The browser-based architecture allows remote access to the system

Outdoor Parking

The Geomagnetic sensor is based on the geomagnetism sensing, wireless data transmission and low power consumption technologies, judges whether a vehicle is parked in the parking space by detecting the change of the parking space magnetic variation, and wirelessly transmits the detection results to the geomagnetic manager.
Working Process
Detects vehicles by analyzing the change of geomagnetic field; Information detected by a detector (presence, flow, speed, etc.) will be transmitted wireless to the receivers installed at the roadside.

Camera PGS

AKE Camera Parking Guidance System is an innovative and comprehensive solution for the modern car park, which provides outstanding features “Parking Guidance”, “Find Your Car”, “Surveillance”.
Each camera sensor provides real-time security, monitors license plates and occupancy for up to 6 parking spaces. Thanks to front-end recognition technology, AKE camera sensor can work standalone and define space status independently. Drivers get parking information from the lighted indicator and information signage and track the parked vehicle location on nearby “Find Your Car” query kiosk.

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