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AMR ultrasonic water meter

AMR ultrasonic water meter

Vendor : Electronet

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This meter is designed to measure the velocity of a fluid in a sealed pipeline fitted with transducers. This enables calculation of flow and volume based on time of flight principle. ASIONIC® - 400SW is a static water meter which has no moving parts to avoid wear and tear. ASIONIC® - 400SW is an integral and hermetically closed static water meter intended for the registration of cold and hot water consumption. It is constructed as a vacuum chamber of moulded composite material. Thus, the electronics are fully protected against the penetration of water. This means that the meter can be work without problems in water submerged locations.

The meter can and must only be opened by Electronet's authorised service centre by means of special tools if the meter has been opened, and seal have thus been broken, the meter is no longer valid for billing purpose. Furthermore, the factory guarantee no longer applies. The water meter is powered by an internal lithium battery with up to 10 years lifetime. the battery can be changed by one of the Electronet's authorised service centre/personnel.

The electronic unit having an inbuilt LCD display to continuously indicate and log/record the following parameters:

  • Water-free ultrasonic technology with RF connectivity 
  • Bi-directional flow measurement 
  • Long battery life 
  • Low-pressure drop 
  • Compatible with the automatic reading system 



AMR ultrasonic water meter

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