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Automated Temperature Monitoring for COVID-19 Patients

Automated Temperature Monitoring for COVID-19 Patients

Vendor : www.MyAutomation.Store

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  • Monitoring patient temperatures requires caregivers to come in contact with or close proximity multiple times per day

  • Frequent patient contact significantly increases the chance of cross-infection

  • Affected caregivers further transmit the disease before symptoms even appear

  • It is a continuous monitoring and alert solution aimed at automating the tracking of changes in patient temperature on a continuous basis

  • IoT enabled medical wearable temperature sensors remotely transmit data to a central monitoring system

  • Medical staff are alerted based on trends and thresholds, identifying the patient and room, and is able to respond accordingly

  • Automated system significantly reduces caregiver to patient contact, and alleviating resource pressures

  • Continuous monitoring enables trend analysis and predictability

  • No patient disruption especially during rest or sleep

  • Better patient care due to less omissions and errors

  • Temperature; Pulse; Respiratory; ECG; Accelerometer
  • Reusable/Rechargeable
  • Ultralight: 7.5 grams
  • Water Resistant: IP25
  • FDA/CE Mark

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