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Bluetooth app connector smart PIN code electronic lock for sliding glass door

Vendor : www.MyAutomation.Store

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  • Fits Office Glass Door
  • Mini lock body with measurements of 76mm*76mm.
  • Ultra simple design for glass door.
  • Refined steel casting Latch
  • Nanometer coating lock body, Compact and thick.
  • The door lock and the mobile phone communicate via Bluetooth. The door lock dynamics are sent in time.
  • Magnetic Battery Cover for easy battery replacement.
  • Inside housing with a mechanical knob. Turn the knob for easy outgoing.
  • 70 degree silicone keypad panel, durable, high temperature resistant, soft, elastic.
  • Up to 20 PIN code users max
  • Access Mode: PIN code or APP
  • Unlock via APP. Support android 4.0 and IOS7.0 above
  • Low power consumption and long standby time. Only two batteries can stand by one year.
  • Low power warning on the app.
  • Virtual key and flexible settings. The administrator can manage the employee fingerprint and virtual key permissions on the APP and the authorized employee can unlock it through the fingerprint or APP.
  • Enterprise key, efficient management platform, easily manage employee's virtual key, and support department grouping, batch setting and other functions.
  • Incoming and outgoing records can be viewed anytime and anywhere, and the administrator can audit any employee’s unlocking record through the APP to facilitate attendance and check.
  • No need for punching, no wiring, no trace and ultra-simple installation. Easy to install with adhesive tape, 2 *1.5V batteries, eliminating wiring troubles, efficient and energy-saving.
Measurements 76mm*76mm
Access Mode PIN code/APP
Communication Mode Bluetooth 4.0
Power Supply Alkaline Batteries, (DC1.5VAA x2)
Emergency Power Supply USB
Stand-by Time 1year