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Cable carrier Bands for easy assemble E1-18 Series - www.MyAutomation.Store

Cable carrier Bands for easy assemble E1-18 Series

Vendor : Igus

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E-chains are mainly used for guidance and protection for moving cables are innovative products that can be assembled quickly


  • Easy to shorten – Simply cut off the segment
  •  Very easy to fill using the snap-open lid
  • Easy to lengthen – Bands are easily assembled
  •  Easy fastening to the floor using holes on the chain link
  •  Very cost-effective
  •  Various materials and colours available on request
  •  Compact design with smooth outer contour
  •  Strain relief possible (clip-in mounting bracket)
  •  The lid can now be opened from one side, enabling easy closing

Inner height hi:

18 mm 

Inner height Bi:

15 mm 

Bending radii R:

28 mm 


25.25 mm




E-08 Series Manual

Download Manual

  •   General construction machinery
  •   Automotive sector
  •   Office technology
  •   Machine construction
  •   Electronic equipment
  •   General construction machinery
  • Vertical: hanging applications, standing application
  • Horizontal: unsupported applications


  •   Cost-effective solution for large numbers
  •   E1: e-chain® in one band
  •   Length of each chain band: 255 mm
  •   Can be shortened or lengthened as required through injection-moulded, modular chain band
  •   Easy snap-open
  •   Mounting link for connection of several chain bands
  •   Fastening potential by the bore on the chain band
  •   Several potential materials

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