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Low-noise Zipper e-chain cable carrier - Series 07 - www.MyAutomation.Store

Low-noise Zipper e-chain cable carrier - Series 07

Vendor : Igus

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E-chains are mainly used for guidance and protection for moving cables are innovative products that can be assembled quickly.


  • ‘Zipper-fast’ opening and closing
  •  Small pitch for low-noise and smooth operation
  •  For high acceleration
  •  Zipper lids can be separated and joined at each link
  •  Lightweight
  •  Mounting bracket with integrated strain relief

Inner widths Bi:

 0.24 up to 2.52 (6 64 mm)

Bending radii R:

0.71, 1.1, 1.5 (18, 28, 38 mm)


0.79 (20 mm) per link = 16 links/ft (50/m)

Inner height hi:

10,3 mm 

Inner widths Bi:

 6-64 mm 

Bending radii R:

18 - 48 mm 


20 mm



Zipper e-chain- Series 07

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  •   Automatic insertion machines
  •   Semiconductor devices
  •   Linear motors, handling systems
  •   Any kind of technical equipment
  •   Measuring instruments
  •   Machine tools (Zipper E-tube)


  •   Short installation time: Lightning fast opening and closing of lids with zipper
  •   Zipper lid can be separated and joined in any chain link
  •   Small pitch for low-noise, smooth operation
  •   High accelerations: 100 m/s² and more
  •   Interior separation possible
  •   Closed e-tube with zip-open system
  •   Protection against dirt and chips
  •   The lightning fast opening of the lid in a band
  •   Modular design - simple lengthening and shortening
  •   Small division for low-noise, silent operation, high accelerations

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