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Cable carrier Intelligent retraction system triflex® RSE

Vendor : Igus

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E-chains are mainly used for guidance and protection for moving cables are innovative products that can be assembled quickly.

Specially tailored for robots with small to medium load capacities, the igus® triflex® RSE retraction system makes it possible to actively prevent loops in the robot’s work area, even with highly dynamic applications


Responds extremely quickly, even with highly dynamic robot programs

·         Low additional load on the robot does not affect its handling capacity

·         Universally adjustable assembly consoles

·         Maintenance and lubrication-free igus® drylin® W linear unit

·         For maximum degrees of freedom

·         Plenty of clearance for the programmer

·         For cable diameters up to 15 mm




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  • Industrial robots with complex motion sequences, for laser light cables (LLC) and supply hoses

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