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Cable carrier Intelligent retraction system triflex® RSP

Vendor : Igus

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E-chains are mainly used for guidance and protection for moving cables are innovative products that can be assembled quickly.

"Intelligent" retraction system for multiple robot applications. Expansion lengths of 600 mm enable a secure guidance of the cables and hoses, even with large arm diameters and very complex movements. The retraction forces can be adjusted with the help of a pneumatic cylinder. Whether light or heavy fillings, long or short robot arms - with the igus® RSP retraction system the retraction force can always be adjusted according to the individual application.


·         For Series TRC·TRE·TRCF with a ø-index of 60-125 mm

·         For robots with a load capacity of approx. 110 lb

·         Up to 780 mm retraction is possible

·         For applications with a high fill weight

·         Almost constant retraction force over the complete travel

·         Standard pneumatic component

·         Up to 780 mm stroke with TRC, TRE and TRCF e-chains® possible          

·         Increased protection against failure by optional end position monitoring

·         Standard pneumatic components for easy integration

·         Pressure compensation unit for an adjustable retraction force

·         custom expansion options due to compact mounting brackets

·         Open, well-organised system, lean design

·         Double retraction distance in relation to the overall length




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·         Industrial robots with complex motion sequences, for laser light cables (LLC) and supply hoses Assembly line

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