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Cable carrier with Dirt-repellent exterior E -300 Series

Vendor : Igus

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E-chains are mainly used for guidance and protection for moving cables are innovative products that can be assembled quickly


  • Limited torsion tolerance
  •  Large pins for long service life
  •  Cable-friendly interior
  •  Integrated strain relief option
  •  “E” Series features split crossbar along the outer radius
  •  “Z” Series features split crossbar along the inner radius
  •  Dirt-repellent exterior
  •  Very easy to fill - cables only have to be pushed in
  •  Interior separation possible
  •  1-, 2- or 3-chamber system available
  •  Patented push button principle holds the links together

Inner widths:

1 x 2.95 (75 mm)

Bending radii R:

 2.95 up to 11.81 (75 300 mm)


2.64 (67 mm) per link = 5 links/ft (15/m)


Inner height hi:

48,5 mm

Inner width Bi:

75 mm

Bending radii R:

75 -300 mm


67 mm



E-300 Series Manual

Download Manual


·        Flexible material- Easy torsional and rotary movements possible

·        Injection moulded interior separation, the multi-chamber principle

·        Split opening crossbars

·        Can be filled along the inner and outer radius

·        Push-button on pin

·        small pitch, smooth operation

·        Universal connection

·        igumid NB material standard

·        Rugged, square mounting system

·        950 chainflex® cables from stock

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