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Door Access Control System

Vendor : KEY SECU

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Fingerprint access control is a system that holds the door for intruders and prevents them from accessing the resources by verifying them as unauthorized persons on the basis of biometrics authentication.

  • Can be used as card reader or standalone access controller
  • Waterproof touch panel, doorbell button
  • Metal case with backlight
  • WG26/34 input/output
  • Support Card, Password, Card + Password,
  • Full programming from the keypad
  • Humanized tamper alarm function
  • Can set up a management card
  • Active and passive lock signal output
  • Imported double point relay output signal
  • Contactless for RFID transponder technology
  • Connection for external release button (Exit button)
  • Memory capacity: 8000 user cards and 1 passwords
  • Does not need to connect to the computer, it can work alone
  • The same series of access control support data copy and backup
  • Can be used when the password read head and one machine

Working voltage:


Unlock relay:


Quiescent current:


Effective Cards:


  Ambient temperature:


 Ambient humidity:


  Built in proximity card reader identify the frequency:


 Induction card identifying the type:

 EM or compatible

 Card reader from:


 Opening time:

0-255 seconds (adjustable)

  Electric locking interface:

Relay output or input of optional

  Add in Reader Interface:

1 WG26 interface



KA-115 Manual

Download Manual

·        Entrances and exits at offices, factories, hotels, schools and other public places

·        Fingerprint & Biometric Locks

·        Healthcare Biometrics

·        Financial

·        Time and Attendance

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