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Fingerprint and card recognition way

Vendor : KEY SECU

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Fingerprint access control is a system that holds the door for intruders and prevents them from accessing the resources by verifying them as unauthorized persons on the basis of biometrics authentication.

Finger Print Access Control system scans the person and matches his/her biometric data with the previously stored information in the database before he/she can access the secured zone or resources. If the compared information matches, the Fingerprint Access Control system allows the person to access the resources. Today, Finger Print Access Control system is considered to be the best and one of the most secure authentication systems amongst the other access control devices.

Fingerprint capacity


Storage Capacity


Identification mode

Fingerprint,  password,

Facial Recognition speed


Fingerprint Recognition Speed



USB2.0 exempt drive ,TCP/IP, BS

Operating System


Hardware Platform

Atmel 400MHz 


Totally touch screen

Master Chip

Atmel 9G25

Alarm function

Intimidation alarm, tamper alarm, forced door-opening alarm, door-opening overtime alarm, entrance point alarm

Lock output


Door open button

Both normal button and wireless remote control



Optional functions

1. RFID card Capacity:10000

2. Fingerprint capacity:5000/10000/50000/100000      

3. WIFI(inside)

4. Mifare Card

5. Wireless lock function




K-M11 Manual

 Download Here


·        Biometric Security

·        Border Control/Airports

·        Fingerprint & Biometric Locks

·        Healthcare Biometrics

·        Financial

·        Time and Attendance



·        Newly research and develop access control device designed by the professional designer from Korea

·        Small and exquisite appearance, totally touch display screen

·        The CPU is ATMEL 9G25

·        Fingerprint and card recognition way

·        Fluidly switch between BS and CS

·        Linux OS


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