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Fingerprint Smart Lock for Automatic Sliding Glass Door

Fingerprint Smart Lock for Automatic Sliding Glass Door

Vendor : www.MyAutomation.Store

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This fingerprint smart lock is suitable for frameless auto sliding doors, it not only has strong anti-counterfeiting fingerprint ability and high sensitivity but also can be quickly identified. The deep LED soft screen makes the screen light display softer and the digital display clearer. In addition, because of circuit protection, it has a strong anti-static interference function.

1. Supports fingerprints, smart card, password as the door key
2. With doorbell function and display screen
3. Low battery voltage alarm, support emergency power connection
4. Support right open and left open
5. Virtual password function support 20 digits to avoid peeping
6. Dual system, front and rear panels operate independently
7. Lock tongue linkage hook rugged design.

  • Specifications:103SL-AT
  • Door open way: Fingerprint, card, password or remote Fingerprint
  • Product material:Zinc alloy +304 stainless steel + ABS
  • Quiescent current:<90μA
  • User quantity:10pcs masters,490pcs
  • Users Power supply:4.5V-6.5V (4PCS  AA battery)
  • Working current:<150MA
  • Relative humidity:20%-93%
  • Ambient temperature: -10ºC-+60ºC
  • Password digits:6 digits
  • False rejection rate:1%
  • False recognition rate:0.001%
  • Protection function:yes
  • Automatic identification function: yes
  • Emergency power supply:Yes (micro USB connector)
  • System locking function:Five consecutive validation error system lock in 2 minutes
  • Low voltage alarm:Below 5V voltage, prompt will be issued
  • sensor:SemiconductorDimension172(L)*75.3(W)*44(H)