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IP68 Waterproof Class C Multi Jet Smart Water Meter

Vendor : Calinmeter Co., Ltd

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The CA568-A series is our newest design with R160 accuracy and IP68 protection. High they can be used in a very harsh and humid environment, even work well under the water. The high-level accuracy brings better metrology. Up to 10 years of battery life, data storage all the meter's lifetime.

The CA568-A have the reading remotely based on RF- Lora communication and CALIN's AMR/AMI management software. 1 DCU( data concentrator) can collect the data from 600 meters in 1KM range. At the same time, the CIU (Customer Interface Unit) connect the water meter though RF-Lora communication, will working well in 300 m range, the user can stay the house to realize recharging and checking the information for the meter.

Main Feature

  • DN 15 mm, DN20 mm, DN25 mm for choice
  • STS (Standard Transfer Specification) compliant
  • Dual strainer design of particle proof
  • Brass/Plastic body on request
  • LCD display with anti-fog design
  • suitable for 0.01℃ to 50℃ water
  • Valve switch off at temper or battery loss
  • Data retention in the absence of power
  • Low credit and low battery alarm

Key Benefits

  • Easy to install, no extra wires
  • Compatible with mobile payment
  • Stable accuracy, no need to calibrate all the lifetime
  • Free basic water, emergency credit, arrear management policy
  • AMR/AMI management system support (optional)
  • Reading and switch on/off remotely
  • Low operate and inventory cost
Nominal Size DN mm In-line
15 20 25
Maximum flow rate Q4 m3/h 3.125 5.0 7.875
Ratio "R" Q3/Q1 m3/h 160 160 160
Permanent flow rate Q3 m3/h 2.5 4.0 6.3
Transitional flow rate Q2 m3/h 0.025 0.040 0.063
Minimum flow rate Q1 m3/h 0.0156 0.025 0.0393
Maximum working pressure Bar 25
Maximum pressure loss as a complete unit including the shut off valve and piping 0.63
Maximum working temperature 50
Maximum reading 99999
Maximum Permissible Error (MPE) %

Q1≤Q≤Q2:MPE = ±5%

Q2≤Q≤Q4:  MPE = ±2%


Size  mm

DN    in













Length(L) 165/190 190 225/260 230/260 245/300 280/300
Width(W) 99 99 103 104 124 125
Height (H) 104 106 114 117 147 172



G3/4B G1B G1-1/4B G1-1/2B G2B G2-1/2B



Measurement of water consumption in households, apartment buildings and small commercial properties

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