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M-BUS /LoRaWan ultrasonic water meter price

Vendor : VLG Wireless technology

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Outstanding Performance

With extraordinary measurement performance, the water meter represents the current advanced ultrasonic water meter technology. it is to enable our customers to accelerate their businesses, with higher accuracy, wider dynamic range and easier installation.
- R200/ R250/ R400/ R525
- No air measurement

Wireless Communication

U-WR built in an advanced Low Power Long Range two-way radio Communication module to provide the foundation for AMI network. 

Non-Revenue Water Protection

Integrated with advanced wireless communication technology, MDC, MDM system and outstanding metrological performance, U-WR offer a solution to significantly reduces non-revenue water and gains more benefit for utility. 

Long lifetime/Stable Accuracy

With innovative design, U-WR holds a lifetime of 10+ years. This features a maintenance-free quality in its full life time which can significantly reduce the management works of water supply companies.




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