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Mini load AS/RS 660 lbs

Mini load AS/RS 660 lbs

Vendor : Muratec

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Every AS/RS we provide is custom-designed. Many factors will determine the type of AS/RS to meet your storage requirements: product/load characteristics (weight, height, hazardous, case/tote or pallet, etc.), cycle time, warehouse space, environmental factors, manufacturing processes, and many others. 

   If the weight of the loads being stored and retrieved is less than 660lbs (300kgs), a faster, smaller version of the unit-load AS/RS can be used. Mini-Load AS/RS was designed to move loads that are larger than totes, but smaller than a full pallet. This Mini-Load AS/RS is a flexible, versatile solution and can be custom-designed to meet your specific needs.

     Many factors, including the characteristics of your product, cycle time, and warehouse space, will determine which automated storage and retrieval system will best meet your storage requirements. 

     It is one of the best-automated storage and retrieval systems in the world. To find out if this Mini-Load AS/RS is the best solution for you.

  • Smaller, Faster Solution: When it comes to handling loads less than 660lbs, you need a smaller, faster solution for the job.
  • Handling of 1-4 Units: This Mini-Load AS/RS can accommodate multiple-handling of up to four units and can provide both high storage capacity and high throughput throughout the operation.
  • High-Speed Operations: Equipped with a high-speed, mini-load crane, the entire load can be stored both in and out of the system.

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