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Multi-dimensional cable carrier system Triflex® R SeriesTRE-40

Multi-dimensional cable carrier system Triflex® R SeriesTRE-40

Vendor : Igus

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E-chains are mainly used for guidance and protection for moving cables are innovative products that can be assembled quickly.

  • Able to move multi-dimensionally - High degree of flexibility, even on the 6th axis. Twist up to approx. ± 10° per link possible in the longitudinal axis. This assists guiding the cables and lines around difficult configurations
  •  High tensile strength due to special ball-and-socket principle, enables flexible movement along all axes
  •  An easy opening mechanism for easy filling with cable and hose packages
  •  Impact-resistant, dirt-repelling, rugged and abrasion-resistant, smooth, rounded exterior
  •  Small bend radius & short pitch - Space-saving installation
  •  Easy installation and dismantling - An injection moulded component. No other components (steel cables, spring suspensions etc.) are required
  •  High stability - Due to outer stop dogs, defined stops for radius and torsion
  •  Triflex® R-Set - compact module for all movements on robots, which can be fixed on existing fastening points
  •  Easy attachment to the robot/machine reduces setup time
  •  For special cases also available: Fibre rods, universal assembly kit and FlexBar

Inner height Bi 1


Inner height Bi 2:


Bending radius R:



11,9 mm




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·         Palletizing

·         Automotive industry

·         Cleanroom

·         Glassworks

·         Pharmaceutical industry

·         Roof tile factory

·         Assembly line

·         Handling system

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