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On Street wireless car parking Management system for iot smart city

Vendor : www.MyAutomation.Store

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The parking space sensor is installed on each parking space, monitoring the parking occupancy data in real-time. When the vehicles parked on it, it will detect it at once and send out the parking data to the data collector wirelessly. The data collector can receive the data and relay it to the host system via TCP/IP or RS232.  These parking space occupancy data can be used for parking guidance system, to guide the driver to the nearest parking bay, it helps to reduce the fuel and the time for finding a parking space. It also can be used for parking overstay detection, it can send the parking data to the policy centre and integrate with their system. It will reduce the labour work.

Type: parking sensors

Model Number: WPSD3

Warranty: 12 Months

Product Name: parking management system

Type: parking sensors

Application: parking

Power supply: Battery inside

Installation: Surface mounted

Connection: wireless

Operation Mode: Battery supplied

Colour: Black

Life: 3years