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Remote Reading Water Meter brass cap

Remote Reading Water Meter brass cap

Vendor : Water Meter Co., Ltd

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The water meters equipped with pulse emitter device can be linked to telex-reading systems, to

PLC, to M-Bus networks (using PADPULSE signal converters), to pulse counters and to all those applications that require remote reading of the water consumption data.

Water meters can be provided complete with pulse emitter or pre-equipped for the future installation of the pulse emitter.


1. Materials: brass body, ABS inner core, brass sealing ring, pulse output wire

2. Working Condition: Temperature ≤50°C

3. Measured by Cubic Meter 

  • Confirms to EN13757- 
  •  2004 international standard, with favourable compatibility and openness, meanwhile supports various meter types, such as water/electricity/gas/heat meters etc.  
  • Adopt two-wire connection mode, enables a long communication distance and bus power supply 
  • Non-polar of the transmission line, willfully branch of the network topology, easy network, shooting the problem of meter breakdown and failure of meter reading caused by Bus line misconnection 
  • Double power supply modes: lithium battery and Bus line power supply 
  • Real-time reading of the current meter data and monthly data within a year 
  • Low power dissipation, quiescent operation current below 5 μA, guarantee battery of a long service life 
  • Remote valve control, facilitating the user management 



Water Temperature


Working Pressure


Head Loss


Max. Permissive Error

maximum permissible error: upper zone(Q2≤Q≤Q4),±2%;low zone(Q1≤Q<Q2), ±5%


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