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Residential high quality electronic water meter digital water meter

Vendor : Changgong Electronic Computer

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Real-time monitoring

The water meter support system monitors the operation and water usage of the equipment in real-time, and timely discovers water stealing and vandalism.

Low power technology

The water meter adopts infrared wake-up technology and is usually in a dormant power-saving state.

Real-time meter reading function

The system can automatically collect water meter readings of each user unit in real-time.

Mobile phone, card payment inquiry

It is convenient and practical to use water mobile phone and card to realize water fee inquiry and payment.

Single control, a dual-control function

The water meter can be prepaid with no charge and water, or it can be charged without charge and power.

Pulse metering technology

OKI reed switch electronic pulse cumulative metering.

Measurement of water consumption in households, apartment buildings and small commercial properties

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