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Residential ultrasonic water meter

Vendor : Seck Intelligent Technology

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SK-UM11 series ultrasonic water meter is a kind of intelligent new water meter based on the principle of ultrasonic time difference method. is a collection of measurement, integration, display  It is a new type smart water meter which collects measurement, integration, display in one. The instrument is equipped with various communication interfaces. It can communicate with other equipment and form a remote meter reading management system, which is convenient for the statistics and management of the user's water consumption. The instrument is suitable for small industrial water and domestic water.

  • SK-UM11 series ultrasonic water meter is developed based on the principle of propagation velocity difference method, and the measurement accuracy is stable. 
  • Adopt low power design, a battery life length can be 7 years. 
  • High repeatability, low pressure loss, no moving parts, accuracy requirements meet GB/778-2007, JJG162 - 2009 verification regulations. 
  • The starting flow of the ultrasonic water meter is low to 0.003 m³/h。 
  • Support M-BUS interface, realize remote meter reading, facilitate centralized management of users, and realize intelligent analysis of pipe network data. 
  • The ultrasonic water meter adopts IP68 waterproof design, which can be immersed in water for a long time. 
  • The water meter can be installed in many angles, and the measuring accuracy of the water meter is not affected 




Class 2



Dynamic Range R


Max. Permissible working Pressure


Temperature class

T30,T50,T70, default: T30

Upstream Flow Field Sensitivity


Downstream Flow Field Sensitivity


Climate &Mechanical Environmental Conditions Class


Electromagnetic Compatibility


Content of Display

Cumulative flow rate: m³, Instantaneous flow rate: m³/h, Water Temperature, ℃, Cumulative effective running time: h, Date: y/m/d, Clock: h/m/s, Software version, Screen test

Display Resolution

Cumulative flow rate: 0.001m³

Display Range

Cumulative flow rate: 0 m³~+99999.999m³


Light-sensitive Keys

Type of Communication

M-BUS、Photoelectric Interface、Radio Frequency

Data storage

Storing accumulated flow monthly, automatically storing data for the last 24 months

Power Supply

Battery Powered DC3.6V

Powder Consumption


Protection Class


Pressure loss rating


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