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Developing the MNK-RP we combined the high-precise measuring insert of the MNK-RP with a body of pressure-tight polymer composite, suitable for use with potable water. The result is an innovative MNK-L-RP.

Its main features are a low starting flow and reliable performance even with aggressive water qualities or dezincification effects. The protected roller register is reliably readable even under difficult climatic conditions. The construction principle of the MNK-L-RP with direct transmission from the measuring chamber to the register ensures standard protection against manipulation or interference.

Version MNK-L-RP-N is retrofittable with a pulse (reed) for remote readout.

Performance characteristics:

  • Wet dial register construction
  • Almost 50% lighter than a meter with a brass housing
  • Specially protected encapsulated digit rollers
  • High-quality mineral glass inspection window
  • Optional: UV-resistant plastic (MNK-L-RP-N)
  • Operating pressure MAP 16
  • Display range from 0.1 l to 99999 cubic meters
  • Approved in accordance with MID
  • For the consumption measuring of cold potable water up to 30° C
  • The water meter for standpipe installation

Length without connectors 

165 mm 
190 mm 

Housing Material 


Nominal Flow Q3 (≈ Qn) 

Q3=2,5 (≈ Qn 1,5) 
Q3=4 (≈ Qn 2,5) 

Nominal Diameter DN (mm) 

DN 15 
DN 20 

Nominal Diameter (inch) 

1/2 " 
3/4 " 


Wet Dial with protected Rollers 

Measuring Principle 

Multi-Jet Meters 


Cold water up to 50° C 

Specified Units on Display 

Cubik Meters (m³) 

AMR Technologies 

Reed Pulser 

Metrological Class horizontal (max.) 

R 100 

Operating pressure (max.) 

MAP 10 




              Download Manual

  • For the consumption measuring of cold potable water up to 30° C
  • Water meter for standpipe installation

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