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Smart Water Meter for Industries

Smart Water Meter for Industries

Vendor : Maven Systems

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Industrial water sub-metering is an end-to-end wireless solution for getting the most accurate department wise water consumption, wirelessly. Maven integrates a wireless module with your existing water meter, in order to fetch data without any manual intervention. The solution is perfect for industry owners.

How does it work?

  • WiART series of low power radio frequency modules (LPRF) integrate with water outlet fixtures to make them wireless.
  • Wireless enabled water flow meters to form a mesh network to support hopping of data.
  • Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) communicates with wireless-enabled water flow meters. DCU also communicates with the cloud server over GPRS network.
  • One DCU supports up to 300 WiART nodes and supports 50 hops for large area coverage.
  • Now your water meter data is available on the cloud server.
  • Cloud server allows data to be accessed in browsers and smartphones.

Key benefits

  • Measure usage of water in individual departments and the entire factory
  • Save cost on wiring with a retrofit solution
  • Email / SMS alerts on over usage
  • Raw data available for trend finding and making informed business decisions
  • Customized solutions are available as per requirement for design to deliver for OEMs


  • Ease of integration with multiple water inlets and fixtures
  • Single DCU (Data concentrator unit) for 300 nodes
  • Interface with web and smartphone application
  • Water consumption report for individual department wise usage
  • All consumption data available in easy-to-read excel spreadsheet format
  • Remote control for solenoid enabled water meters
  • Construction firms
  • Industry owners
  • Township operating bodies
  • Civic / government bodies

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