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Smart Water Meter for Society

Vendor : Maven Systems

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The solution involves a wireless data transfer module that works on RF. It is called as the WiART Low Powered Radio Frequency module, or LPRF module. The LPRF module is small in shape and size and fits easily inside the enclosure of the water meter. A Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) is used to wirelessly collect the data from such LPRF modules and then upload it to the Internet via GPRS, Wi-Fi, Ethernet or 3G depending upon the client technology. The solution is customizable in nature and makes use of a mesh protocol for high range and robustness.

Key benefits

  • Measure usage of water in individual houses/apartments
  • Save cost on wiring with a retrofit solution
  • Tanker / Corporation water usage can be bifurcated for calculation
  • Email / SMS alerts on over usage
  • Customized solutions are available as per requirement for design to deliver for OEMs


  • Ease of integration with multiple water inlets and fixtures
  • Single DCU (Data concentrator unit) for 300 nodes
  • Interface with web and smartphone application
  • Support: water consumption report for individual usage
  • All consumption data available in easy-to-read excel spreadsheet format
  • Remote control for solenoid enabled water meters

How does it work?

  • WiART series of low power radio frequency modules (LPRF) integrate with water outlet fixtures to make them wireless.
  • Wireless enabled water flow meters to form a mesh network to support hopping of data and communicate with a data concentrator unit.
  • Data concentrator unit communicates with wireless-enabled water flow meters over LPRF and communicates with the cloud server over GPRS network.
  • One data concentrator unit supports up to 300 WiART nodes and supports 50 hops for large area coverage.
  • Construction firms
  • Industry owners
  • Township operating bodies
  • Civic / government bodies

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