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Ultrasonic smart wireless water meter LoRa

Vendor : Sparklight

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 Ultrasonic smart wireless water meter LoRa is used the measurement of water consumption in households, apartment buildings and small commercial properties 


  • Low start flow, long-range of measurement 
  • Counting forward and reverse flow, pinpoint accuracy and stability 
  • Low power design & long battery longevity 
  • Equipped with leaky detection & burst detection 
  • Varieties of communication model, wired M-bus network, radio Ad-Hoc network, Bluetooth with smartphone 
  • APP can be selected as need, easy to access the meter’s data for monitoring 
  • Large-capacity data storage, recording meter’s running information, including 36 months of time- slicing information for the district metering monitoring 
  • No wear & no moving parts, low head loss Strengthen design for waterproof, IP68 type tested, suitable for installation in meter pits 
  • Can be fixed in almost any direction, not just to be vertical or horizontal 
  • Pipe material: Copper 
  • Body material: PPS plus fibreglass 
  • Ambient temperature: 0~50℃ 
  • Fluid temperature: 0+℃~30℃ 
  • Working pressure: ≤1M Pa 
  • Instalment environment: Class B 
  • Electromagnetic environment: E1 
  • Velocity sensitivity level: U10, D5 
  • Electron circuit: working voltage 3.6 ~3.2V, minimum current≤5μA 
  • Battery: 3.6V high power lithium battery, 10 years of effective service- life at tBAT ≤30℃ on the base module 
  • Interactive button: touch-sensitive button 
  • Wireless reading: LoRa communication 
  • Wired network: M-bus, support multi-protocols 
  • Self-service reading: SNFC adapter plus smartphone 
  • Data storage: records of running in 36 months 
  • Implementing standards: 
    GB/T 778.1~3-2007 Measurement of water flow in fully charged 
    closed conduits—Meters for cold potable water and hot water CNS 
    ISO 4064-1~3:2014 Water meters for cold potable water and hot 

Measurement of water consumption in households, apartment buildings and small commercial properties

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