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Unit load AS/RS

Unit load AS/RS

Vendor : Muratec

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This AS/RS we provide is custom-designed. Many factors will determine the type of AS/RS to best meet your storage requirements: product/load characteristics (weight, height, hazardous, case/tote or pallet, etc.), cycle time, warehouse space, environmental factors, manufacturing processes, and many others. Analyzing your manufacturing processes, current storage methods, and future business goals, this product can be custom made that meets your unique storage needs.

    Unit-Load AS/RS is for loads ranging in weight from 500lbs to 4,000 lbs. Due to the flexibility of this design, many of the picking systems are incorporated with this AS/RS design at their core. Whether clients need the entire load or are simply seeking to pick stored items as needed, this solution has the ability to do it all.

    More than 10,000 systems are used in multiple industries around the world. AS/RS has proven to be crucial when it comes to accurate inventory management and are the missing link in many supply chains.

    Every AS/RS  is custom-designed, and a variety of factors can help determine which system is the right fit for you.        

  • Proven Design

The Unit-Load AS/RS delivers such flexibility that many of our picking solutions are incorporated with its core design.

  • Improved Accuracy

Our AS/RS have proven to be important for accurate inventory management and are a critical link in your supply chain.

  • Custom-Designed for You!

Every AS/RS system is custom-designed, and we can help you to navigate through a variety of factors to determine the best fit for you.


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