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Wireless AMR Water Meter basic table(Dn15-25mm)

Vendor : Water Meter Co., Ltd

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Wireless remote reading direct water meter is a direct-reading water meter embedded with a Cellmesh™ RF modules operating as part of a wireless mesh network. Each water meter can work as a repeater to forward information from other water meters in its range. The wireless water meters and concentrator form a wireless mesh network.

  • Sealed within meter 
  • The range is up to 300m
  • Low power consumption
  • Battery life up to 6 years (depends on the transmission rate and frequency)
  • Local battery life monitoring
  • Configurable periodic data broadcast
  • Data messages are identified by a unique physical address for each RF module
  • Mesh structure.
  • Automatic network discovery and maintenance
  • Alarm and network-specific messages 


  • Creates and manages a local network of Cellmesh RF modules 
  • Message reception from all RF modules in its area, channel and network
  • Verifies duplicated messages, variables status, alarms, etc
  • Communication failure log
  • Local readout of all meter information (for example, using a notebook or PDA)
  • Access point for WAN / VLAN networks, supplying AMR information directly for company software and database
  • Power supply: Power line, Solar cells or Batteries
  • Direct-reading water meter 
  • IP67 Sealed within meter 
  • Battery life up to 6 years 
  • Automatic network discovery

Measurement of water consumption in households, apartment buildings and small commercial properties

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