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wireless smoke detector with built-in battery and 110 dB

Vendor : www.MyAutomation.Store

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1.Support three alarms: independence+ acousto optic alarm + wireless transmission network alarm;

2.Button structure, simple installation without wiring;

3.smoke detection alarm in 360 degrees;

4.Built-in high sensitivity induction technology;

5.Built-in 110 dB siren;

6.Ultra-low power consumption.Battery life battery: 2-3 years;

7.when the battery voltage is below 6.8V, send a warning sound to remind the user to change the battery;

8.Top cover design, easy to clean and replace batteries 

Power supply DC9V/6F22 Distance 200m
Static current  < 1uA Alarm current  < 40 mA
Alarm loudness  > 85dB Size:  100x100x32mm
Certification FCC/CE/ROHS/EN14604

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